Ching is a mobile app that allows you to accept credit card payments on your mobile device.  We aim to Simplify Commerce, enabling economic growth and improving people’s lives.

We are also the first Caribbean based FinTech to offer global Services.  Please check out our campaign below.


An Intuitive Mobile Point of Sale!

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2 in every 3
businesses CANNOT accept cards!


Use Ching to Accept All Major Card Brands


What Our Customers Say...

Irma Diaries

“Ching was invaluable facilitating sales along my East Coast (USA) book tour. Setting up the App and managing my transactions was easier than I ever imagined.  It worked without a hitch and my customers and I really enjoyed the user experience.  Check out was quick and simple!”

Spink’s Cafe at HLSCC
“Ching is a really excellent approach and affordable way to accept credit card payments via a cellphone   for small businesses.  It has made our life easier to accept payment and it’s as fast as any other credit card machine, but more convenient!”

Odd Box Designs
“Ching has enabled Odd Box to offer a more convenient payment method to its customers, many of whom do not carry cash. Before Ching I lost many sales, in store and at craft fairs, as customers expect to be able to pay with a card wherever they are. Being able to take a payment on my phone, wherever I am, has enabled me to make sales outside of normal working hours and taking deposits and special orders is now easier than ever.”

De Loose Mongoose
“Ching has enabled us to provide a greater guest experience when using the mobile app to do table side card payments. This ensures security, visibility and transparency for our customers who trust our staff with their personal valuable information.”


Our Give

We want to give back and help businesses get back on track since hurricane Harvey, Irma & Maria, so we will WAIVE OUR TRANSACTION FEES for one affected business for HALF a YEAR with EACH $200+ pledge that we receive through our crowd funding campaign.


Simple & Powerful


What's the Cost?

The mobile app is FREE to download!  Ching charges 1% per transaction (in additon to the 4% bank discount fee, so a total of 5%) and $15 USD per month.  There are NO setup costs and furthermore you can use Ching on as many devices as you want at NO extra costs!


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